Total AF Care

Excellent AF management is not just about the ablation procedure. For this reason, the AF ablation clinic has strategic relationships with cardiac testing services (CVS), specialised imaging services (Imaging Central), exercise and rehabilitation services Western Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation Trench Health and Fitness ) and testing and management services for sleep apnea (CRS) to offer a completely individualised management plan to our patients.

Strategic Partners of AFAC

At the AF ablation clinic we take a ‘whole of patient’ view to AF management. It is now well established that AF ablation outcomes are improved by lifestyle modification (particularly weight loss) and by diagnosis and management of sleep apnea and hypertension. We have partnered with Imaging Central to obtain advanced cardiac imaging using very low dose cardiac CT scanning and cardiac MR scanning.

Cardio Vascular Services

Cardio Vascular Services (CVS) is committed to providing
high quality diagnostic and clinical specialist services.

Imaging Central

Imaging Central is a premier diagnostic and interventional
radiology clinic in Perth, with locations in both Claremont and Morley.
We are an independent practice, owned and operated by radiologists
and are therefore able to offer true patient-cent

Cardio Respiratory Sleep

CRS is focused on providing a quality diagnostic and clinical
respiratory and sleep service that utilises state-of-the-art
diagnostic equipment, highly trained sleep and respiratory
technicians and physicians which ensure the most accurate
diagnosis and treatment options are provided to patients in
a timely and objective manner.

Trench Health and Fitness

Trench Health and Fitness have been providing comprehensive
corporate health assessments and programs since 1995, building
an enviable reputation as one of WA’s leading corporate health

AFAC Patient Support

Patients with AF may suffer significant anxiety and many feel isolated and afraid. We launched the AFAC patient support group in 2014 to help bring patients together to provide each other support. The patient support group meets informally every 3 months. The meetings provide an opportunity for patients to meet and share their AF and ablation experiences and to ask questions of Professor Weerasooriya and Vijay Sourinathan. Many people find such meetings greatly assist to lower their levels of anxiety and improve their understanding of AF and its management. The meeting format is a free lecture in the HPH lecture theatre followed by morning tea and informal discussion with members of the AFAC team and other patients. Previous meetings induced:

1. Novel Oral Anticoagulants – all you need to know
2. Implanted Loop Recorders for monitoring heart rhythm
3. Exercise and AF – what should I do/not do?

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